4 Great SEO Strategies You Can Do on Your Own

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical tool that helps drive traffic and increase potential leads for your website. It plays a pivotal role in the smooth and efficient management of the eCommerce platforms for large corporations and small businesses alike. 

If you are a start-up company with a limited budget, hiring a digital marketing agency or SEO expert to help to increase your conversions may be challenging. But there’s no need to worry! There are a few SEO strategies that you can implement on your own. 

Here are some excellent techniques recommended by experienced franchise SEO agencies that are guaranteed to deliver outstanding results:

  • Create quality and relevant content to attract links and social shares

A large chunk of your online marketing will revolve around your content. You can create engaging content yourself to create quality content for your site. As the owner, you have greater insight into the benefits of the products and services you sell. This alone will make it easy to create content that captivates and engages your target audience. 

When writing your content, follow basic SEO rules to ensure it ranks well on search engine results pages. When creating your content, strategically placing keywords and keyword stuffing are just some of the simple rules you need to incorporate. 

  1. Improve title tag enhancements

Check out the highest-level category pages of your site. ECommerce category pages attract 32% more organic traffic than product pages based on research. With this in mind, a minor tweak to your title tag can make a massive difference to your website ranking. This is especially true if your eCommerce site automatically generates default titles based on your website name. Make sure that your title tags make sense to your readers. Create title tags that are relevant to your site and content. 

  1. Do your keyword research 

A successful SEO campaign greatly relies on strategic keyword research. Small business owners must master keyword research, so it becomes easy for you to identify words and phrases based on real searches, determine targeted keywords, and evaluate the level of demand for the products and services you offer. 

  1. Basic site optimization techniques

Once you have successfully generated targeted keywords, the next step in your do-it-yourself SEO process may include the following tactics:

  • Keeping your content updated and make sure to include relevant keywords
  • Developing new pages for unassigned keywords with valuable content, rich graphics, audio, and videos
  • Creating a new, keyword-rich section, such as a blog or online educational resource
  • Understanding and applying the relevance of textural elements for each site page, including meta descriptions, headings, title tags, content, and many more. 

Final thoughts

A good ranking on major search engines is critical to the success of your eCommerce business. With some research, strategic application of SEO strategies, you can slowly build your authority and boost income over time. While you can do these on your own, you can get expert help from an experienced  SEO agency to get better results.